Happy Birthday, Lyric Grace!

We were blessed to FINALLY celebrate Lyric’s birthday WITH her! Yay!! She’s a sweet and busy 6 year-old. We went “Elmo” crazy with the theme. The little red furry guy is her favorite. I think I had just as much fun planning and decorating as she and the guests had at the party.

Table Decor


We had Elmo cupcakes, Dorothy goldfish, strawberries (which is the only fruit we have found that Lyric does NOT like – but everyone else enjoyed them!), ice cream and apple juice.

Food table



Friends and family showered Lyric with birthday presents. She received a pink and red tricycle from Mommy and Daddy, a three-wheeled scooter from friends, a caterpillar tunnel from Granny & Pop, an Elmo DVD from Nana, an Elmo sticker book from Brennan and Katie, some clothes from friends, a pink etch-a-sketch from Uncle Randy and cousin Casey Jo and puzzles from Aunts Audrey & Molly and their families! Thank you. It is good to have some new toys and things to play with outside.

At the party, we made picture frames with foam shapes and colored Elmo coloring sheets. We also played “Stick the Nose on Elmo.” We all had a ton of fun! Most importantly, Lyric had a ball and we had a great time celebrating the gift that she is.


Goody Bags 2
Lyric was blessed with yet another good gift on her birthday….a nephew! Yep, she now has a niece who is 1 1/2 and little Dexter who was born yesterday! Johnny’s two sons now have children….and he now has a grandson and a daughter who share the same birthday. What a day!

Settling in….

I can’t tell you how much the laughter in our household has multiplied since Lyric landed in our arms!  Yes, she definitely has a stubborn streak….but even that is cute and funny, but we have to keep a straight face and sometimes even look away!  LOL.  In the same breath……yes, this girl has rocked our world.  She takes a lot of energy.  It’s been a LONG time since we have given baths, accompanied a little person to the potty every time, cut up food into little pieces and carried 31 pounds around to get somewhere a little quicker.  Oh, but the transition has gone so much better than we have ever hoped or dreamed.  Many prayers on our behalf have been and are being felt daily!

Brennan is coming around, too.  One day last week he was doing homework facedown on his bedroom floor.  She went into his room and crawled onto his back.  I came in after her and said, “Come on, Lyric, Brennan is trying to do his homework.  Let’s go.”  He said, “No, you don’t have to move her.”  Then, as if on cue, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

I am sure that he soon will be her biggest fan.  She blew him a kiss when he got out of the car this morning at school.  This is a huge answer to prayer.  Not that we expected anything terrible, but change comes slowly sometimes for him.  He has a huge compassionate spot in his heart and Lyric is lodging herself right down in it!  🙂  He did complain yesterday about her dumping out all of his CityBlocks (he has a set of 500) all over the floor.  This will happen, we talked about, if you show her your toys!  I sat down with Lyric and we sang “Clean Up, Clean Up” and put them all away.  That was all he needed.  We’ve decided to put a safety knob on his door when he’s not here.  🙂

Katie loves to play with her little sister, too.  One thing that we discovered last week is that Lyric kept getting my bowls and spoons from the kitchen and pretending to cook (she also loves to play ‘clean,’ very domestic!).  So, we told my dad to keep his eye out for a nice play kitchen at garage sales.  It’s a hobby almost every weekend to hit a few!  He was ON IT!  He found a really nice Fischer Price play kitchen that makes sounds like running water from the faucet, etc.  It came with a play phone and some pans and play food, too.  All for $15!!  Thanks, Pop!  I had a bunch of play food from Brennan and Katie’s younger days, so we added that to a basket sitting next to it and she and Katie have been cooking up a storm since!

Lyric had a check up at the pediatrician and the pediatric ophthamologist last week.  She did fine at the pediatrician, but didn’t like the ophthamologist too much.  You can tell that she has had other doctors involved with the care of her eyes.  In the end, she was prescribed a much stronger prescription for her glasses and got them today.  She is keeping her glasses on much more now and I can tell that she is seeing better at a great distance.  Before, she was titling her head up to see someone across the room.  Yay!  Progress.

Pray for us next Tuesday.  She has to get some immunizations and lab work done at the pediatrician’s office.  Not a fun time.  My prayer is that it will be quick and she knows she is safe in my arms….no matter how much she doesn’t like needles.  I don’t like them, either!

I am so glad I get to be home with her for six weeks before she starts elementary school…..after evaluation when she starts we will see what that looks like.  It’s a VERY good school, so I am sure we will come to an agreement on what is best for her.  This time is very precious and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


The First Week Home

We had a good trip home.  Yes, long – but there’s no other option from Hong Kong!  LOL.  At least the flight from HK to San Francisco was 3 hours shorter than the one going due to the jet stream.  Lyric did great.  She did, however, cry almost a solid hour in the middle of the first […]

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Day Nine…..Ready to Go Home

We were able to sleep until 7 am this morning, have a leisurely breakfast, take a walk down Nathan Rd., eat lunch at McDonald’s and even take a nap this afternoon.  After nap, we TRIED to pack!  Quite a feat with Lyric in the room!  LOL!  We would pack something, then she would pull it […]

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Day Eight……The Peak and Stanley Market

This morning Janice, Jan and Karen came up to our room.  Janice gave us the final paperwork for us to leave Hong Kong and enter the U.S. with Lyric!  She also gave us a Life Book created by the staff and volunteers at Mother’s Choice.  It is PRECIOUS!!  This book will be a treasure to […]

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Day Seven…..Ocean Park

Lyric slept ALL NIGHT, praise the Lord!  She woke up at 6 am and needed to go to the bathroom, then we both got back in bed.  She wanted to lay beside me, so I let her until we got up.  She has a child-sized roll-away bed that is pushed up against the side of […]

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No pictures today, sorry!  My e-mail and photo upload isn’t working tonight for some reason.  Hopefully some tomorrow! Let me just tell you….Mother’s Choice WeeCare is AMAZING!  They do a SUPER job of preparing the kiddos to go home to their adoptive families.  I had heard this, but today I experienced it.  When we arrived […]

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A Play Day

We woke up this morning ready to enjoy time with Lyric with the pressure and anticipation of our first meeting in the past.  You could tell that Lyric felt better, too.  She giggled and laughed all day!  She also tested our boundaries. She has a super fun personality and great sense of humor.  Sometimes she’s […]

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I’ve FINALLY given birth!

I have finally given birth!  After a 22 month gestational period and a few trees, the next phase of this journey can begin.  There is so much to say about today, but the first thing is that it went better than either one of us expected.  We tried to have little to no expectations about […]

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Day Three…. relaxing Sunday

After a slow start to the morning, we Skyped my Mom, Dad and son, Brennan, had breakfast at the YMCA down the street, did a little shopping on Nathan Road, bought a lightweight stroller for Lyric to use on outings this week and made our way through Kowloon Park. Here’s a few pics from today.  The Lego creation […]

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